Touchstone Paint

66 years strong

Glen Touchstone founded Touchstone Paint in 1948.  Glen was a Paint and Body Shop owner in downtown Atlanta.  After World War II many paint products were hard to find and he realized there was a need for a Paint and Body Shop supplier.  With only a fifth grade education, not much money and a lot of determination he opened a small paint store downtown.  Word soon got around Glen was pin stripping car wheels by hand for his customers at no charge.  Glen was also color matching cars by eye and was the only one at that time who had that skill. 
For 66 years the Touchstone family (of three generations) has offered a complete line of paint and body shop supplies at low prices.  We are one of the few supply stores that carry both Dupont and PPG lines.   We currently have two locations, Marietta and Atlanta, with a professional staff that can serve all your paint needs.
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